Our philosophy

Formosa Group was built around set of ideas and focus on their implementation. We follow the scientific approach and pursue new insights that can help benefit our clients. We are committed to serving our clients with respect and dedication.

“We tailor our strategies to the clients’ unique investment needs. Our relationships with clients are rooted in loyalty and trust, and this foundation is what makes us different. We support, educate and provide insights to every individual.”

Clear ethics

We put our clients’ interests ahead of our own to create remarkable outcomes in their financial life.

Unique culture

Formosa Group remains committed to honesty, integrity, transparency and teamwork – ideals our firm was based on.

Deep expertise

We never stop learning, improving and growing in order to better help our clients.


We are not the biggest company in the industry and it benefits us in a way that we provide efficient, customized and comprehensive service.


We adhere strict regulatory standards and employ appropriate securities handling procedures.

Comprehensive analysis

We examine each area in the context of your current situation and future perspectives, as we know that circumstances have tendency to change.

How Formosa Group is different?

There are plenty of firms providing financial and investment advice. In fact, it can be challenging to differentiate one from another. Formosa Group was created from scratch to offer what we consider to be premium wealth-management, financial planning and tax-aware strategy advice. Our goal is to deliver complex and comprehensive financial, investment and tax-smart solutions, and to do in an ethical and honest way. We’ve built a company that we would like to hire ourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do Formosa Group provide?

We deliver a variety of financial services. We have specialists certified for investment, cash flow and debt management, family risk management, education/college planning, retirement planning, legacy and estate planning, business planning.

How do Formosa Group get paid?

We obtain income from financial planning commissions along with investment management fees. We are a fee-based investment consultancy firm. Outside of our usual fee-based model, there are a few particular instances, where it is required to recommend a special product to meet the needs of the client.

Who are your typical clients?

Our clients have all ages and backgrounds. Majority of our clients are in the “accumulation” phase of their lives, precisely, 35-65 years of age.

How to choose best investment for me?

One of the investment advisors at Formosa Group will work closely with you to identify your financial needs and expectations, and offer most suitable solutions.