Investment with tax-smart approach and financial transparency

At Formosa Group, you get an opportunity to work with experienced financial advisors, who can help you take advantage of tax-smart approach in investment. In addition to providing strategic perspective, they also can offer an ongoing planning for your full financial picture.

Simplify the complexity

With wealth comes a headache of weighing a variety of numerous investment plans. At Formosa Group, we offer smart investment insights and comprehensive financial plans to simplify your decision-making process and help you align your investments with your goals. We guide you through it, discuss, and put it into action when you’re ready. Our clear and time-tested investment philosophy is a key element to preserving and growing your assets.

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Formosa Group provides support in a number of ways. Giving advice is our core business. We provide to you unbiased investment solutions and financial guidance at every step, without selling products or taking possession of your money.


We help you gain practice

Broaden your financial service experience as Formosa Group advisor. Our methods are designed to boost productivity, job performance, and overall business return.


Satisfaction increase

65% of advisors believe that implementation of financial services led to positive impact on client’s overall satisfaction.


Skilled Advisors

To provide our clients with qualified help, we are always improving, growing and expanding our financial knowledge.


Years of experience

A dedicated team, focused on delivering what matters most, with four years of experience.

What our clients have to say

Heather A.

"Formosa Group is the perfect example of a firm that isn’t just in the investment industry, but in the financial advisory business, which means, it involves your whole financial life. It’s all about balancing your priorities and realities. "

Dave O.

"Engagement with a client’s wealth management, whether it’s a $2 million asset or a $500,000 asset, is a deeply personal matter. I thank my advisor for not only guiding my financial planning for present and future, but also for the personal attention and dedication. "